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Present and past


The provincial library


It is a library of my small city.In the year 1860 the priest Don Giuseppe Benedetti gives Budrio, Italy about 12600 books and founded the public library. The townspeoples give library paintings, ceramics and even toys. There is the room for children.

The library is located in the Villa 18 century. Nice place.


“I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.”–Harold Kushner


Imola, the Sforza Castle


Rocca Sforzesca (Sforza Castle),rebuilt under the reign of Girolamo Riario and Caterina Sforza (1463 – 28 May 1509). Leonardo da Vinci  by order of Cesare Borgia (in 1502) made a project to strengthen the fortress. In 1504 Imola submitted to Pope Julius II and became the property of the Church. From 1524 to 1958 the Rocca became a prison.  Now it is a place of the Museum and cultural events.