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zucchina 2

Italians love it. Flowers (zucchini ore pumpkin) are good fried in batter. Prepare creamy batter (mix water 275 ml, Flour 185 g, Salt, Seed oil).

Heat oil in a saute pan over medium high temperature. Dip several blossoms in batter and fry them for a few minutes in boiling oil. Nice and easy.


Mineral water

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?
Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

I have always loved running water: waterfalls, streams, fountains, springs  … It is the blood of the Earth as well as our own. Passing in this small village Castel San Pietro Terme famous for its thermal waters I take stock of fresh water to drink-it is a pleasure to taste this nectar that a few minutes ago was in the heart of the Earth. The source Fegatella was discovered in 1337. It’s healthy for  digestive system. There is a park nearby for walks. It is a quiet place.IMG_0823

IMG_0805 IMG_0811 IMG_0815 IMG_0817 IMG_0821

Stevia – low-calorie sweet


I discovered Stevia rebaudiana last year- thanks to my friend. I try this low-cost plant without difficulty in the garden.

stevia ape

Stevia has been used for more than 1500 years in the South America as a medicinal herb. The plant is native to the mountains between Paraguay and Brazil. It is easy to cultivate plants and support hot temperature – that is important for me. It is a perennial herb resentment in the cool weather (minimal 35 F). This winter the minimal temperature was -5° C (23°F) and the plant was outside (covered by dried leaves). In case of too cold weather it must be posted in a greenhouse (in pot). It grows well in sunny and middle-sunny position in soft and nutrient soil. It doesn’t need special care. It reproduces by seed (they are tiny and we mixed them with sand to help sow) and by cutting. We can collect and dry all parts of the plant and use them  fresh in  teas and foods. The dried leaves have a sweetening power from which have 250–300 times the sweetness of sugar.

Just now my Stevia grows!

Happy gardening!IMG_0386

Must have in garden – Salvia and Rosemary

Economic crisis …. Every cloud has a silver lining.  More often  people talk about aromatic and medicinal herbs .It is time!

rosemary send origano sendPerhaps not everyone has time to grow a lot of  plants, but there are two don’t miss plants: Rosemary and Salvia/Sage. They are resistant to low and high temperatures and drought. They are also beautiful and evergreen plants  can live for several years.

Rosemary-is a good condiment as Salamoia bolognese . Rosemary oil is great for toning the skin (put in the jar with olive oil and some rosemary, closed, keep in dark places, from 1 month your oil is ready for use). The rosemary prevents colds, regulates the functioning of the stomach and antidepressant.

Sage o salvia-is excellent with pasta and gnocchi (melt butter over medium heat (i use milk) and add some leaves  of sage, salt and sprinkle with the parmesan/other cheese). Simple and tasty dishes have a therapeutic effect (natural antibiotic  can prevent a cold or flu virus and stomach pain).IMG_0247

Another way to use herbal tea

herbal tea

We have prepared our herbal tea (I used the ready herb in pocket). I do not throw the used pocket -it is a great way to tone the skin. Place the cooled bag on her face. The part of the herbal tea I put in the freezer So I’ll have always the ice to refresh my skin in the morning. Wrap the ice in a thin cloth and put it on your face and neck. Sleep go away immediately and the skin begins to breathe. These small, simple things make the difference!

I hope it will be useful for you too!

Abbiamo preparato la nostra tisana di erbe (ho usato la micella pronta in bustine). Io non butto la bustina utilizzata – è un ottima soluzione per tonificare la pelle. Basta appoggiare la bustina raffreddata sul viso. La parte della tisana io metto in freezer Cosi avrò sempre il giaccio aromatizzato per fare impacchi del mattino. Avvolgo il giaccio in una stoffa sottile e faccio tamponare il viso e collo. Il sonno passa subito e la pelle inizia respirare.  Queste piccole semplici cose fanno differenza!

Spero che sarà utile anche per voi!

Herbal Teas

IMG_0156In Academia dei Notturni  outside and inside  IMG_0140

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” –Voltaire

IMG_0148 IMG_0154

From ancient times people used herbs to cure. The most popular medications are herbal. Good herbal tea rules are simple:

-must use 3- 5 ingredients (leaves, roots, seeds)

-without sugar (if it is need use dark sugar or honey) and add orange peel

-We need to boil water, turn off heat, put the herbs, after a few minutes the herbal tea is ready (more long time does dilute non-beneficial substances)

-the collected herbs should be stored in a dry and dark place in packaging that allows grass to breathe (paper bags, jar cloth covers), many herbs  we can keep for a year .

-use Stevia as sweet

Now in flower is violet. Violet is a symbol of modesty, sincerity and amiability. (anti-inflammatory, sore throat, headache, muscle aches)



Dalla antichità le persone usavano le erbe per curarsi. I più famosi farmaci come penicillina e aspirina sono a base di erbe.  Le regole di buona tisana sono semplici:

– devono essere a base di molti ingredienti (foglie, radici, semi)

– senza zucchero ( chi non può fare a meno – zucchero scuro oppure il miele)

– dobbiamo bollire l’acqua, spegnere fuoco, mettere l’erbe,  dopo un paio di minute la tisana è pronta ( il tempo prolungato della preparazione  fa diluire le sostanze non utili)

-l’erbe raccolti devono essere conservati in un luogo asciutto e buio in imballaggio che permette agli erbe di respirare (sacchetti di carta, barratoli di vetro coperti con la stoffa)

Adesso in fiore la violetta è è anche simbolo di modestia, sincerità e amabilità.  (antinfiammatorio, mal di gola, mal di testa, dolori muscolari)

Relax day

IMG_0105 IMG_0099

The sea- journey takes about two hours one way. It is sufficient about 30 minutes for admire beautiful hills with clean air. I love nature in all its aspects, but the damp climate of the Pianura Padana pulls me toward the mountain. I start my journey at 8.30 and I take less than one hour to arrive in a special place: it is a thermal pool in the middle of the mountains. The swimming makes my mind freely, and relieving me from the stress. Sound of water flowing… Healthy air…. Yoga…. I am ready for moving forward


Happiness is different from pleasure. Pleasure comes from things. Happiness is not dependant on things, it is not conditional. It is a state of being that comes from inside you – Osho


Per vedere un mare bello e profondo di questo colore particolare devo fare 2 ore. Per vedere belle colline con l’aria pulita mi bastano 30 minuti. Amo la natura in tutti i suoi aspetti, ma la cIMG_0088lima umida di Pianura Padana mi spinge verso montagna. Partiamo alle 8.30 e fra un ora siamo in un posto particolare: è una piscina termale in mezzo delle montagne. Nuotando per ore  mi stacco e libero completamente la mente.  Rumore dell’acqua che scorre… Aria sana …. Yoga….

La felicità è un affiorare interiore;

 è un risveglio delle tue energie;

 è un risveglio della tua anima.