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zucchina 2

Italians love it. Flowers (zucchini ore pumpkin) are good fried in batter. Prepare creamy batter (mix water 275 ml, Flour 185 g, Salt, Seed oil).

Heat oil in a saute pan over medium high temperature. Dip several blossoms in batter and fry them for a few minutes in boiling oil. Nice and easy.


Salamoia bolognese so healthy and universal condiment

origanosalamoiaIt is the country antique recipe. Typical of the countryside of Italian Emilia and one of the best condiment for adding to an infinite number of dishes: from baked potatoes to roast chicken, grilled meat, the base of the sauce for pasta, soups, salads. It is easy to prepare: wash and dry rosemary, Salvia/sage, Laurus (to taste). Mixer the herbs, 1 clove of garlic, black pepper with coarse salt (to taste) and put it in a closed glass jar (to be kept for one year in a dark place) or in plastic bags (in freezer). I add it in Friggione and  Croutons too.

I was glad to share with you!

In my garden today salsa

Croutons: old bread recycling

broad and oregano

Our grandmothers had great respect for bread and they were very able to use it in the kitchen. I must cook chicken every day for my dog (has allergies) and so I have meal soap every day. Soap with croutons is good and healthy dish for my family.

Cut the leftover bread into cubes about 2 cm per side, put the cubes on a baking sheet with oil, mix gently to cover the bread in a uniform way. Add salt and oregano. Mix everything and put into hot oven for a few minutes until the bread is crisp and absorb the smell of oregano. You can serve the croutons for appetizers, at meal or vegetable soup.Easy, good taste and looking food.  Try!

Onion in Italian kitchen

friggione 1friggione

It is time to plant onion (I plant it too). The onion has been used from 5000 BC, we have tried a lot of recipes. I propose a dish typical of Bologna-Friggione (from 1886). It’s a good dish to be enjoyed in the winter (heating) and in summer (I like cold) and easy to prepare. It is a sauce served with crusty bread, potatoes, meat, pasta.

For the classic recipe we need of : 4 kg of white onion, 1 box of tomatoes (I also use the tomato sauce), salt, sugar, 2 spoon of vegetable oil. Slice the onion and put it in a pot with plenty of water and sugar and leave the onion to soak for a couple of hours – this makes it easier to digest (throw the water). Cook the onion with oil on very low heat until the onion is cooked (if necessary – add hot water), add salt and tomatoes, and proceed with cooking for a couple of hours. The dish is ready! Easier than this! Enjoy your meal!

Peel of orange and lemons


Peel of oranges and limone- not throw

Dry the peel of lemons and oranges ( in the oven or sun ) , mixer them in powder.

Aromatizer (put the powder in a linen bags in the bedclothes)

The addition to cake (a pleasant aroma and taste)

Liquors ( alcohol, sugar, powder)

Unusual drink ( the powder added to tea, improve its taste )

– Cosmetics ( in the scrub of coffee add some powder – fragrant and useful)


Корки апельсинов и лимонов- не выбрасываем

Корочки лимонов и апельсинов сушим (в духовке или на батарее), измельчаем миксером или толчем в ступке.

Ароматизатор (насыпаем порошок в холщевые мешочки, которые подвешиваем или кладем среди постельного белья)

Добавка к выпечке (добавим порошок в тесто – приятный аромат и вкус)

Ликеры ( спирт, сахар, порошок -настоять)

Необычный напиток (небольшое количество порошка, добавленное к чаю, улучшит его вкусовые качества)

– Косметика (в скраб из остатков кофе добавим немного порошка – ароматно и полезно)