Donkeys’ Road


The ancient Via del Borgo of Brisighella, also called “Via degli Asini” was a defensive walkway and home to the carters that using donkeys for carrying chalk. It is an elevated covered street with open windows.

Alert 🙂




IMG_1816 IMG_1824




11 thoughts on “Donkeys’ Road”

  1. Such a nice post. The photos were wonderful. The stairs in the first photo look like they would be hard to navigate. They look very steep.
    It is so nice to see all of these older buildings from your country – so much history to learn about. I like your blog very much.

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  2. All wonderful images, but the next-to-the-last is superb: the way the rafters and steps echo each other, and how both contrast with the gentle arcs of the open spaces in the wall. And that long, linear perspective. Beautiful!

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