Ants’ Mount


The Ants’ Mount is a mysterious place. Every year at the beginning of September the winged ants reach the top of the mount, they mate and die. This is the origin of the name of the mountain. In the Sanctuary are written words-Eager ants flying at the altar of the Virgin, despite knowing that they will die at Her feet. The history of the place dates back to 1078s when Matilda of Canossa gifted the land to the Bishop of Pisa. The Church has many changes and its current appearance dates back to 1957s. There is the Grotta dell’Eremita (the hermit’s cave), dug in the rock where lived hermit in the 16th century. The entrance is not possible of natural collapse.

The magic place.

IMG_2553 IMG_2555 IMG_2557 IMG_2561 IMG_2583 IMG_2513

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