Stevia – low-calorie sweet


I discovered Stevia rebaudiana last year- thanks to my friend. I try this low-cost plant without difficulty in the garden.

stevia ape

Stevia has been used for more than 1500 years in the South America as a medicinal herb. The plant is native to the mountains between Paraguay and Brazil. It is easy to cultivate plants and support hot temperature – that is important for me. It is a perennial herb resentment in the cool weather (minimal 35 F). This winter the minimal temperature was -5° C (23°F) and the plant was outside (covered by dried leaves). In case of too cold weather it must be posted in a greenhouse (in pot). It grows well in sunny and middle-sunny position in soft and nutrient soil. It doesn’t need special care. It reproduces by seed (they are tiny and we mixed them with sand to help sow) and by cutting. We can collect and dry all parts of the plant and use them  fresh in  teas and foods. The dried leaves have a sweetening power from which have 250–300 times the sweetness of sugar.

Just now my Stevia grows!

Happy gardening!IMG_0386

7 thoughts on “Stevia – low-calorie sweet”

    1. Stevia is good for place as garden border. It’s taste is partucular – I prefer use it in some aromatic teas – as fruit tea with a few drops of fresh lemon juice.


  1. I love the gentle tone of your writing and your pictures. Your joy in nature and gardening touch on an important part of health that most people in the United States will never experience. As you know, health comes from the inside and is expressed outwardly. Here, the belief is we place things into our bodies to become healthy. There is a harmony and balance that is naturally achieved by the healthy person. I call this the innate intelligence. My sense is you have developed this natural intelligence and enjoy the life you live. I wish more people had this understanding of health and happiness.
    Thank you for viewing my article on Obesity. I hope to share more of my thoughts on health with you. Please feel free to offer your thoughts on my site if ever so motivated. Wishing you continued good health and happiness.

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