Berberis thunbergii Admiration is new family member


“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” Anonymous

It really struck me: so the particular shape of the branches.. In my garden grows nearly one thousand trees and shrubs and many flowers. I have three hundred succulents and cacti. My choice goes to the rustic and strong plants. I have the particular climate with large large-scale temperature: from -15° C (5° F) to +40° C (105° F) with a drought for months. The Berberis thunbergii Admiration is a hybrid of the 2006. It has a red leaf that I love so much. It does like sun or partial shade, its size is about 40 cm. It grows well in all types of soil (I have very heavy clay soil). Supports minimum temperatures -15° C (5° F). Once established it will only need occasional watering during dry weather. It produces edible fruits in September. I can say it is perfect.


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