Must have in garden – Salvia and Rosemary

Economic crisis …. Every cloud has a silver lining.  More often  people talk about aromatic and medicinal herbs .It is time!

rosemary send origano sendPerhaps not everyone has time to grow a lot of  plants, but there are two don’t miss plants: Rosemary and Salvia/Sage. They are resistant to low and high temperatures and drought. They are also beautiful and evergreen plants  can live for several years.

Rosemary-is a good condiment as Salamoia bolognese . Rosemary oil is great for toning the skin (put in the jar with olive oil and some rosemary, closed, keep in dark places, from 1 month your oil is ready for use). The rosemary prevents colds, regulates the functioning of the stomach and antidepressant.

Sage o salvia-is excellent with pasta and gnocchi (melt butter over medium heat (i use milk) and add some leaves  of sage, salt and sprinkle with the parmesan/other cheese). Simple and tasty dishes have a therapeutic effect (natural antibiotic  can prevent a cold or flu virus and stomach pain).IMG_0247

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