Garden of Angels particular


It is a public garden. Often I pass near. I try different feelings: sadness, peace and hope and love. In front of this place passed girl Sara with her backpack and in 2006 the girl has joined the angels … His parents, relatives, friends have started to create a park to his memory. They


decided that it is not fair to dedicate the place only to Sara- there are so many other kids and parents that pain and the place was called- Il giardino degli Angeli/Garden of Angels. This is a gift for her and a way to thank everyone who helps to overcome pain. It is an oasis of peace and quiet with classical music to relax and focus on arguments and feelings different from everyday problems. In the garden there are a lot of common plants and even discarded plants from nursery. I like that- the creatures saved from death. The water well, made of old stones and tiles, is an exact copy of the grandparents one. In the center there are weeping willows – the favorite trees of Sara…

It’s a place of peaceIMG_0261  IMG_0259 IMG_0253IMG_0258  IMG_0255  IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0250 IMG_0247IMG_0248  IMG_0244 IMG_0243

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