Corylus common name Hazel


Maybe not fashion… Growing hazelnuts is an opportunity to have nuts. It is common in England, but I have difficult to IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0213 IMG_0214convince my friends to plant it. It is an exceptional shrub with few needs: rustic, fast growing, do not need watering, do not get sick. Can reach about 3-8 m. We had need to make a hedgerow. We started with a few plants. You can start new plants from nuts, but it is an easier way to propagate – by digging starts from mature bushes. Hazelnuts spread underground roots. In late fall we cut and plant the roots. So we plant cutting roots  along the border. It seems really nice. The plant produces abundant quantities of the nuts. A lot of people feed. We collect nuts in our garden and the outside is a public-domain, dozens of people collect fruits. I am gifted hazelnut for friends, use it to make sweets, for cosmetic use (chopped hazelnuts is a great scrub for body and skin).IMG_0198

4 thoughts on “Corylus common name Hazel”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that even though I was off blogging for more than a week, I so enjoyed reading your posts in my email. Many bloggers ‘force’ the read on-line (which I don’t do because it’s difficult to get off again), so to enjoy without pressure is so welcome. Thank you!


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