Onion in Italian kitchen

friggione 1friggione

It is time to plant onion (I plant it too). The onion has been used from 5000 BC, we have tried a lot of recipes. I propose a dish typical of Bologna-Friggione (from 1886). It’s a good dish to be enjoyed in the winter (heating) and in summer (I like cold) and easy to prepare. It is a sauce served with crusty bread, potatoes, meat, pasta.

For the classic recipe we need of : 4 kg of white onion, 1 box of tomatoes (I also use the tomato sauce), salt, sugar, 2 spoon of vegetable oil. Slice the onion and put it in a pot with plenty of water and sugar and leave the onion to soak for a couple of hours – this makes it easier to digest (throw the water). Cook the onion with oil on very low heat until the onion is cooked (if necessary – add hot water), add salt and tomatoes, and proceed with cooking for a couple of hours. The dish is ready! Easier than this! Enjoy your meal!

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