Women’s day unusual


I spent a couple of hours in the Villa dei Notturni. Some history: in 1700s was built a complex of three villas (near Bologna, Italy) and it was a privite cultural center. For almost three centuries, this property was owned by the descendant of noble family Malvezzi. At the end of the last century, one villa (the seventeenth-century villa Ranuzzi- Cospi at Bagnarola) in 1986 it was purchased by Giovanni Tamburini with the idea of creating a cultural and meeting place: so was born the Academia dei Notturni. It was a privileged place for big events. In the villa were many famous people and groups as Pavarotti and Levi Montalcini, Quino and Altan, Ramazzotti and Bartoletti, Virtus and Fortitudo. Last time Academia open your door for all people offered good food with interesting events. I spent a wonderful afternoon discovering and tasting herbal tea with sweet. I learn something new about herbal tea.


Happy women’s day!


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