Pachypodium bispinosum

Paul Shirley Succulents

A good plant for cactus collectors, because in the winter it can take low temperatures (even a bit of frost) if kept dry. It comes from the Eastern Cape in South Africa and the tuber can grow to a height of 25-30 cm. The branches that grow on top of the tuber can, if they get too large, be cut back. The flowers develop all over the branches, so you do not lose them if you cut the top bits of the branches off. The flowers are similar in shape to those of Adenium obesum, but smaller. The pollinator is probably a moth as the depth of the flower excludes other pollinating insects. When pollinated successfully, twin seed horns will appear which grow to a length of about 5 cm, containing up to 30-40 seeds. The seed has a parachute on the end enabling it to be carried away…

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