Huernia zebrina ssp. magnifica

Paul Shirley Succulents

This species comes from southern Africa; it is reasonably easy to grow and is very popular because of its large flowers. The flowering period is July-October. Because of the thick ring around the centre of the flower, it is also listed as one of the ‘lifebuoy Huernias’.
The plant requires a minimum temperature of 10-15°C in winter to do well. It is easily propagated by cuttings which can be left to dry for about a week or so before planting. In the greenhouse it prefers to be kept in the shade as too much exposure to the sun can cause burning.
Not all experts class this subspecies as magnifica, but as ssp. zebrina, but they all mean the same plant. If you want to read more about this species, see: P.V. Bruyns, Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar, volume 1, pp. 168-172.

Huernia zebrina var. magnifica

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