Wednesday 8 October – visit to Terry Tierney

Travel virtual!

The Cactus Trip Diaries

Angie reported that temperatures back home in England had dropped to -1 C during the night but had climbed back to double figures during the day.

Here in Australia, Spring produced higher temperatures than England in the heat of summer!  At the Convention I had shown John and Terry a 6 minute movie clip from a trip through Huasteca Canyon, near Monterrey, NL, that included images of Agave albipilosa. These would be highly desirable plants if  the fluffy bits at the end of the leaves were present by the time that nursery men like to take their plants to market, at around 18 months. In England, plants raised from seed some five years ago were still without fluffy bits. Terry said that his plants were some three years of age and had produced their fluffy bits after three years, so I was happy to take some pictures.

Agave albipillosa at some three years of age, complete with fluffy bitsAgave albipillosa

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