My Hoya

Hoya (2)Hoya (1)

Hoya are part of the Asclepiadaceae family and is a tropical plant that enjoy warm and humid condition.

Temperature: not less +10°C

Soil: the glass substrate with some perlite, well-drained

Exposition: not full sun (north is good)

Watering: keep the soil humid in spring and summer, dry but not to the point of shriveled foliage in winter. In dry and hot climates more frequent watering is necessary.

Rooting Hoya: it is better to use two-node cutting, the need temperature is about 20-25°C, cover to plastic, do not full sun. If the cutting looks dry, you can put it in water with some sugar for 24 hours (not more) and after that put it in the soul. You can use the orchid soul with mineral material (as perlite). The hight temperature is the better.

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