Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudicaMimosa pudica

Paul Shirley Succulents

Mimosa pudica is commonly called the sensitive plant. The name Mimosa comes from the Greek mimos (to mimic) because when touched, the plant ‘mimics’ animals that shrink away from being touched. The sensitivity of the leaves is a protection against grazing animals; the plant has the capability of feeling the animal approaching through air movement or vibration. Tapping the pot or touching the leaves will have the same effect; they will close up. Once the leaves have folded up, animals ignore them, not just grazing animals, but, for instance, grasshoppers interpret the closing of the leaves as a trap shutting them in and they will jump away. The warmer it is, the quicker the reaction of the leaves. The leaves fold upwards, contrary to those of Biophytum, which close downwards.
The plant originates from South-America, but has now spread over most of the world to all parts where there…

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